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Bespoke Head (Various Colours) – Custom Designed LEGO Minifigure Head


*Please note* We seem to be having some technical difficulties with photos and links not attaching through once you order one of our custom heads. If you are reading this and have ordered one please could your send your links/photos to:

Thank you for your patience!

Although we have a large range of different heads, sometimes you want something a little bit different, we’d love to help! For more realistic skin colours we offer 3 shades: Brown, Light Flesh and Medium Flesh (pale brown/caramel – we think this is a bit dark normally for a tanned caucasian skin tone). Please send us a photo or describe the head you’d like. If you want the same as standard head we stock, but on a different coloured head, please link to the product for us. We will do our best to provide hands of the same colour, wherever possible. We’re not sure every hand/head colour is available, but we’ll do our best.

If you’re also ordering a torso from us, please let us know which head goes with which torso so we can get the skin colour correct for the neckline and hands.

Custom project name

If you’re doing a project with separate parts, drop your project name in here to let us know they’re all related.

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Double Sided?

Want your head to have another face on the back? This allows you to simply turn it around for another expression or even another face entirely! If so, please add a description below, for a small extra fee.

Second identical head