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Bespoke torso design based on a photo or description


  • Red Torso
  • Bright Light Green
  • Tan Torso
  • Dark Red Torso
  • Grey Blue Torso
  • Dark Green Torso
  • Pale Blue Torso
  • Light Sand Green Torso
  • Brown Torso
  • Light Grey Torso
  • Dark Brown Torso
  • Dark Tan Torso
  • Orange Torso
  • White Torso
  • Green Torso
  • Turquoise Torso
  • Dark Grey Torso
  • Blue Torso
  • Navy Torso
  • Purple Torso
  • Dark Brown Torso

Please note – due to the complex personalisation required, shipping of this product may take significantly longer than our other products. 

Get a torso with a custom design based on your images or description!  This is the best option for making minifigs that look like other people.  They can be friends, celebrities, or pretty much anything you like!

Please let us know if you have a strong preference for the colour torso we should use, otherwise we’ll choose based on the photo you send us.  Please note, we are unable to print real world logos onto minifigure parts and they should not be used for promotional purposes. Logos will be replaced with aesthetically appropriate fictional alternatives.


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Use this area to let us know what you want on the body (i.e. what goes on the front, what's on the back, etc). The more detail you give us, the better it will be!

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